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Automatic For The People (1992)

Текст песни с переводом слов R.E.M. «Monty Got A Raw Deal» из альбома «Automatic For The People» (1992).

Monty Got A Raw Deal


Monty this seems strange to me
The movies had that movie thing,
But nonsense has a welcome ring
And heroes don't come easy

Now nonsense isn't new to me
I know my head, I know my feet,
But mischief knocked me in the knees
Said, Just let go, just let go

I saw the ocean meet the man
I saw you buried in the sand
A friend was there to hold your hand,
Said, Walk on by

So, I went walking through the street
I saw you strung up in a tree
A woman knelt there said to me,
Said, Hold your tongue, ma, hold your tongue

You don't owe me anything
You don't want this sympathy (waste your breath)
Don't you waste your breath (waste your breath)
For the silver screen

That nonsense doesn't mean a thing,
They tried to bust you in a sting,
But virtue isn't everything
So, don't waste time

Now, here's a rhyme that you can steal
Put this on your reel to reel
Mischief threw a rotten deal
Monty's laying low, man
He is laying low
Just let go, y'all
Just let go

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