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Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (1999)

Текст песни с переводом слов Prince «Hot With U» из альбома «Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic» (1999).

Hot With U

{additional vocal by Eve}
Hot with U

I wanna get hot with U
Get U underneath the cream and ooh
Get U doing things U thought UЎЇd never do
Make U suck your tongue and say ";ooh";
I wanna get hot with U
Take U upstairs 2 the 14th room
Multicolored lights and an ocean view
Ooh, I wanna get hot with U

I wanna get hot with U {4x}

I want 2 get hot with U
I wanna get U underneath the cream
And do the marshmallow
Ooh, I wanna get hot with U
I wanna get U 2 do something
U thought UЎЇd never do
Like dance in front of my headlights
On a hot summer night ... nude
I wanna get hot with U


I want 2 get hot with U
I wanna make U climb this chain around my waist
So I can prove that IЎЇm the only one that brings out
The freak in U ...
I wanna get hot with U

I wanna get hot with U {4x}

Know the body banging, got U singing
No shouts from the neighbours, telephone ringing
Put me in positions thought IЎЇd never do proper
Created a machine, now U know U canЎЇt stop her
Trying to turn me on - I never had this, so stop this
IЎЇm supposed 2 tremble cuz they call U ЎЇThe ArtistЎЇ?
LetЎЇs wild out - can U handle ruff riding?
Treat U like a freak of the week and had U hiding from me
I can do whatever U like, if U could take it
If I could be your girlfriend, U could catch me naked
CanЎЇt front sexually, IЎЇd like a sample
But I donЎЇt think IЎЇm ready 4 U 2 make me an example
I mean - come on - why front on
IЎЇd never place time - queen in your life
I mean - will never
The days that U feeling for me ... neutral
That IЎЇm ready 2 call U daddy
Even get got with U

Meet me early morning in a 4th dimension plane
Astral travelling hottie, I know U know my game
Underneath the cream IЎЇll meet U
And then weЎЇll rearrange
Everything U know of love
IЎЇll give U reason 2 change

Hot with U
I wanna get hot with U
(I wanna, wanna ...)
I wanna get hot with U
(I want U)

I want 2 get hot with U
I wanna steal a kiss in the middle of an
Overcrowded room, yeah
ThatЎЇs what I wanna do, eye-eye
I wanna get hot with U
Hot with U, ooh


Take a drive 2 the ocean
And drown U in a wave (Hot with U)
Of 100,000 compliments, boo
I want U every day (Hot with U)
And 2 be cool

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