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The Truth (1997)

Текст песни с переводом слов Prince «Circle Of Amour» из альбома «The Truth» (1997).

Circle Of Amour

Mary, Claire, Denise and Belle
Best friends as far as I could tell
Chearleaders except 4 Denise
She was the wild one
She was the beast
She was the one who named the group
The original gang of 4
Mary, Claire, Denise and Belle
Circle Of Amore

10th grade Central in September
That was a year I remember
On this chilly cold afternoon
I overheard the gang in the locker room
Rendezvous, Mary's house
Dirty words and wine
Needless 2 say they all spend the day
Just counting time, counting time
Halfway through her history class
Denise she kindly raised her hand and asked
If she could be excused (";Can I be excused?";)
Then she ran from school (ran from school) in a hurry,
The other girls, ooh they knew
This is what friends are really 4
Mary, Claire, Denise and Belle
Circle Of Amore

Circle of amore

Imagination showed a window (imagination)
On a cold September day (ooh)
Leaves are brown (brown), passion sounds (ooh)
Memory self astray
4 hands in the place where the feet connect
(Gang of 4)
Circle of sex
In the vicious race 2 maturity
They're almost phased from ecstasy

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