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Phil Collins

Both Sides (1993)

Текст песни с переводом слов Phil Collins «We Wait And We Wonder» из альбома «Both Sides» (1993).

We Wait And We Wonder

'To the outsider it seems that we in Britain live daily under the cloud of terrorism.
That familiarity sometimes makes you think of
it as almost normal, then suddenly something will happen...'

We stand, hang our heads disbelieving
then not knowing how could such a thing be wrong
we wonder just what they must be thinking
to take a life of one so young

So tell me when will it be over now, how soon?
how far must we go, to prove to you?

We wait and we wonder how this happened
killing the old, the innocent, the young
while sons follow in fathers footsteps not understanding
that what they do could somehow be so wrong

So tell me when will it be over now, how soon?
how far must we go, to prove to you?

So we will wait and we'll wonder

No regrets, no forgiveness, no compasssion
these brave heroes only know to hit and run
slowly my sadness turns to rage and we wonder
how can these scars ever heal, when all is said and done

So tell me when will it be over now, how soon?
how many tears must fall to prove to you?

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