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Paul McCartney

Press To Play (1986)

Текст песни с переводом слов Paul McCartney «Press» из альбома «Press To Play» (1986).


Darling, I Love You Very, Very, Very Much,
And I Really Am Relying On Your Touch.
But With All These People Listening In,
I Don't Know Where I Ought To Begin.
Maybe We Could Hit Upon A Word,
Something That The Others Haven't Heard,
When You Want Me To Love You,
Just Tell Me To Press.

Right There, That's It. Yes. When You Feel The Stress
Don't Just Stand There, Tell Me To Press.

You Can Give Me What I Want I Must Confess,
My Body Needs Attention My Mind Is In A Mess,
Oklahoma Was Never Like This.
Never Like This, It Was Never Like This,
Ever Like This, Say Was It Ever Like This?
Oklahoma Was Never Like This.
It Was Never Like This ...

Darling, I Know It Really Wouldn't Be A Crime,
If I Say I Want To Lnve You All The Time.
But With All These People Listening In,
I Don't Know Where I Ought To Begin.
Maybe We Should Have A Secret Code,

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