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P. Diddy

The Saga Continues (2001)

Текст песни с переводом слов P. Diddy «Where's Sean?» из альбома «The Saga Continues» (2001).

Where's Sean?

feat. Big Azz Ko, Black Rob, Kain & others)
[P. Diddy]
Eh yo what's up playboy
Yeah, now I'm out here in Milan
I need you to come get wit' me aight?
Yeah, I got something I need you to do
Call up the rest of the crew
I'll see you there

[Big Azz Ko]
Yo, I got the call from Sean he out in Milan
Went to get the package, got there it was gone
Hold on say word you got to be joking
Don't worry about it dun I'm on the next thing smoking
Hit Bristal up on the speed dial
Yo these funny talking cats tryin' to do a nigga foul
It's goin' down nigga round up the team
Im'll head over here just to map out the scene
Ship them things in route to climb walls
Infrared vision ear plugs and all
Digital surveillance linked with laptops
Express mail it to me can't ??

I'm splurtin' for certain Bris-pro working
Searchin' dippin' curvin' breakin' clean outta virgin
From servin' here Rob certain I'm burnin'
On my way from Mt. Vernon
Swervin' a stretch bourbon
Identity of this man I look persian
Hey yo we gotta get him
I wanna know where they came from
Or who sent them
First nigga to find them better bend'em
Cuz I just spoke to Polly Fontaine
Shit ain't a game, and Sean feel the same
So y'all niggas betta get on point

[P. Diddy]
Well it seems like our bad boys have theirselves in a bit of a jam
Seems like Bristal got his back up against the wall
Well let's see how Rob B-O handles this one
Bad boys watch ya backs
Watch ya backs bad boys

[Black Rob]
Yo, who the fuck is this pagin' me at eight fourty six
I'm hoppin' outta shorty whip
I'm by the tel, across exxon by the shell
Sense of urgency on the cell
We gon' pick you up, when ya flight land
We in a tight jam
Me and Diddy fam sorta like his right hand
I touch down like two-thirty
If i was on you, your hoe's and them cowards Im'll do dirty
Still a commssion and we all equal
All lethal
Caught'em doin' dirt to the wrong people
It's the family affair, I'm here
With all of me Im'll deal with this one accordingly
Got the locations sittin' in the console pacin'
Get bagged murder be the case and
And I'm tired in jail
Even though through the riots I prevailed
Enjoyin' my freedom, got two kids as long as I feed'em
I'm here for the fam thats there when I need'em

[Mark Curry]
Yo, uh uh uh, hello
It gotta be the same cats
I can tell by they strange acts
When they mumble to each other
Like Milan they run for cover
New cuz this bitch that I fucked with
One thought I loved her
Seas debate the storm pull him the the surface
That's a purpose
One of these faces, make'em nervous
Catch'em when they out for hamburgers
Turn they whole lunch into a murder
In a way all the rounds gon' be heard of
This shits big, the first thing to catch to where PD is
I'm on it, act like they want it
Im'll bring the heat
Just let me know the place we plan to meet
And I'm in it sure as your heart beat

Yo I ain't really tryin' to duck no strays
So watch what the fuck you say
It's ya mouth that started the shit
Now you actin' all retarted and shit
Dog I came to play my part and that's it
We had a fullproof plan, all we need was the fam
Ammunition, a van, two chicks and one extra man
Two lincoln LS Sedans
Fifteen hundred yards of saran
And after the scam, we be out in Amsterdam
Yo, call Sean in Milan
Call Sean tell Sean we gone
We'll meet him in Hong Kong
With two chicks both they thongs on
Mabe Ling and Kim Long
Both of them dead wrong
Two rich bitches the feds on

[P. Diddy]

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