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No Jive (1992)

Текст песни с переводом слов Nazareth «Hire And Fire» из альбома «No Jive» (1992).

Hire And Fire

It was a night, it was just another night
She was sayinЎЇ lots of nothing
She was none too bright
But youЎЇll listen much to anythinЎЇ
When anythinЎЇs in sight, wonЎЇt ya!

Double back trouble like a temperance hall
SheЎЇs dealinЎЇ with the ceilinЎЇ
And the writings on the wall
Then youЎЇre wishing it was over, like an endless fall.

ItЎЇs a lane side fight
Oh no! another main line ride
Oh no! there ainЎЇt a train in sight
Oh no! settinЎЇ my soul on fire
Try her and buy her
Hire and fire her
PlayinЎЇ the game his latest flame

Now itЎЇs a fine line between passion and dread
FoolinЎЇ and a droolinЎЇ
Starts rulinЎЇ your head
To seduction, destruction
WeЎЇre so easily lead

And then the dawn, the so impatient telephone
The smell of disappointment
Mirror wants to pick a bone
ItЎЇs a cup of cold coffee
Like the taste of stale beer
LetЎЇs get outta here

ItЎЇs a lane side fight
Oh no! another main line ride
Oh no! there ainЎЇt a train in sight

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