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Wind And Wuthering (1976)

Текст песни с переводом слов Genesis «Your Own Special Way» из альбома «Wind And Wuthering» (1976).

Your Own Special Way

Go far enough and you will reach,
A place where the sea runs underneath.
And we'll see our shadow, high in the sky,
Drying away in the night.

I've sailed the world for seven years,
And left all I love behind in tears.
Won't you come here, wherever you are,
I've been alone long enough.

You, you have your own special way,
Of holding my hand keep it way 'bove the water,
Don't ever let go--Oh no, no, no.

You, you have your own special way,
Of turning the world so it's facing
The way, that I'm going, Don't ever
Don't ever stop.

Whose seen the wind not you or I,
But when the ship moves she's passing by.
Between you and me I really don't think,
She knows where she's going at all.

You, you have your own special way,
Of carrying me twice round the world
Never closer to home than the day,
The day I started.

You, you have your own special way,
Hold onto my hand keep it way 'bove the water,
Don't ever let go--no, no, no.

What mean the dreams night after night.
The man in the moons' a blinding light.
Won't you come out whoever you are,
You've followed me quiet long enough.

You, you have your own special way,

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