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Faith No More

Angel Dust (1992)

Текст песни с переводом слов Faith No More «Kindergarten» из альбома «Angel Dust» (1992).


Return to my own vomit like a dog,
Rhymes and giggles muffle the dialogue.
Carve my initials in a tree,
I will never leave.
Maybe one day I'll be royalty.

- Kingdom?
- Kindergarten.
Born late,
Will I graduate?

Drinking fountains are shorter
than they used to,
The swings on the playground don't even fit me anymore.
Folklore: Nobody's supposed to believe in the next grade.
Write it a hundred times...

- Kingdom?
- Kindergarten.
Bell's not ringing,
Held back again.

Everything got quiet suddenly, no dolby.
And the theatre is empty.
Film is flapping on the side of the projector.
The reel is over.
Banished with my sticky shoes and stinging eyes,
I'm walking outside...

- Kingdom?
- Kindergarten.
Born late,
Will I graduate?
Held back again...

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