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Chris Brown

Текст песни с переводом слов Chris Brown «I'm Comin' Out».

I'm Comin' Out

For the longest time yo, i been locked in the closet, the doors closed, im trapped in the dark, i cant get out of the darkness, ne-yo came from behind and let me out, told me it was coo but im scared to come out, dont know what ma girl gone say when she finds out, im about to put it out on my new layout, im not gay but im bi hav it both wayz what its all about, baby dont be mad, i git the best of both worldz, i confessed my shit on e! didnt you see, i said yo!, i had a male lova did u see him, see him, he was walkin wit in my music video scene yo, hiz name was ne-yo...i say yoooo!
im comin out, i think the world should know that what im bout to put out on blast, is gone mae alot of chicks mad...

im coming out i think the world should know yo, i got a nigga on h=the side named Ne-yo...
i forgot to let yall i know im bisexual...


You made me better when u told me to confess ma stuff along time ago on essence magazine, go head i aint joking i posted it up on the magazines, take a look for ya selves, i got it stacked on the shelves!
and jus by the rhythm in my voice i hope u can tell...
itz me and Chris Breezy, yeah we comin out!

Im coming out!

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