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Cannibal Corpse

Bloodthirst (1999)

Текст песни с переводом слов Cannibal Corpse «Coffinfeeder» из альбома «Bloodthirst» (1999).


(Music and Lyrics - A. Webster)
Exhume the rotted casket
Robbing graves
But not for wealth
Cloaked in moldy rags
Hunting dead
Decrepit things from hell

Invade the sacred tombs
Search for food
Embalmed five days before
Ancient body stealers
Raid again
A fresh corpse beyond the door

From the ground they rise
Plundering the grave
When the faithful die
Its them, not God they meet

Consume the rotted bod
And unt more
Craving maws ooze blood
Gray skinned coffinfeeders
Seekig carrion
Eat the old ones last
Fiendish ghouls are chewing
Scraps of meat
Found inside the tomb
Roy veiled messengers
From beyond, bring the parish doom

From the ground they rise
Plundering the grave
When the faithful die
Its them, not God they meet

Unholy creatures swarming the coffin
Fighting for mouthfuls of flesh
Invading the tombs of the recently buried, to feast

Starvation of aeons sated tonight
Foraging ghouls consume
Ancient hunger awakened again

(Solo - Owen)

Strengthened by blood the undead attack
Septic beats from the grave

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