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Britney Spears

Britney & Kevin: Chaotic Dvd Bonus Audio (2005)

Текст песни с переводом слов Britney Spears «Chaotic (the full Version)» из альбома «Britney & Kevin: Chaotic Dvd Bonus Audio» (2005).

Chaotic (the full Version)

[Verse 1]
There's too much of this noise
Boy, let's get a seat so you can talk sweet to me
I see these other boys
Won't ya get me on the dance floor
Maybe like buy me drinks?

You're so sexy guy
And I'm wonderin' why we could have some fun
So don't be shy
Baby just enjoy what's on your mind, body
And have a good time...

It's gettin' hectic in here
It's gettin' chaotic
I'm rockin' and rollin' no stoppin'
We're goin until it's over
Do you like the way I rock it?
Boy I think it's so chaotic

Ooh, I'm wild, (ahh) I'm on fire (burnin' up the dancefloor)
Turn it up higher
Wild like a tiger (take it till you want more)
Everybody blink your lights
Party from the left to right
Ooh, I'm on fire, ooh, I'm on fire (burnin' up the dancefloor)

Do you like the way I rock it?
Boy It's chaotic

[Verse 2]
There's too much of the sound
I'm on the crowd
So please don't turn me down
And I'm havin' so much fun
And bein' done
I'm gonna tell you that

The DJ is my friend
So let's begin
Imma do my dance
Until the end
Baby just get down
Let's hit the town
Everybody here's gettin' wild


[Chorus x2]

Look at what you do to me
Meltin' down for audecy
I can't help it, no I can't
Burnin' down so we can dance
Look at what you made me do
I can't get enough of you
Turn me in, you turn me out
Just don't move the fire aaauuuuh!

[Chorus x2]


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