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Black Sabbath

Cross Purposes (1994)

Текст песни с переводом слов Black Sabbath «What's The Use (Japan Bonus Track)» из альбома «Cross Purposes» (1994).

What's The Use (Japan Bonus Track)

hat's The Use Of Paradise
Or Everyday Of Livin'
They Spend And Learn In Heaven, Sin In Hell

What's The Point Of Children
When Evil Got Before Them
They Learn In Every Tale We Tell

There's No Point In Being Kind
What's The Use When Love Becomes An Evil Of The Mind
Oh Yeah!

What's The Use Of Power
When The Battle Isn't Equal
And We're All Too Scared To Use It Anyway

What's The Point Of Reason
When No One Wants To Listen
Deliberance Is All Too Far Away


Ooh What's The Use


Ohh What's The Use
Tell Me Ohh What's The Use
What's The Use

Love Becomes An Evil Of The Mind
What's The Use
Love Becomes An Evil Of The Mind

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