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Billy Joel

Street Life Serenade (1975)

Текст песни с переводом слов Billy Joel «Last Of The Big Time Spenders» из альбома «Street Life Serenade» (1975).

Last Of The Big Time Spenders

Well if money makes a rich man
Then I might never make the grade
I'll be a small time operator
If I just get the landlord paid
But if time is an indication
Of the wealth that I never knew
Then I'm the last of the big time spenders
'Cause I've been spending time on you, woo oo oo woo

It takes time to appreciate
Lord knows that you can learn to hate it
I believe, 'cause I've been there too
When it gets down to desperation
You make the best of the situation
I can tell, I've seen it thru, oh, oh, oh

Though it seems like the day is wasted
And the nights have been overdue
Well, I'm the last of the big time spenders
And I've been spendin' time on you, woo oo oo woo

It's been so long since we got together
In between it seems to take forever
But I'm a dreamer, I'll be there soon

It takes time to appreciate

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