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Stereopathetic Soul Manure (1994)

Текст песни с переводом слов Beck «Taser Gun» из альбома «Stereopathetic Soul Manure» (1994).

Taser Gun

I got a room down in Hollywood
Rent was cheap
It was this rooming house
There was an old man
Who lived in the room next to me?
We shared a bathroom in the hall
Stare at me through a crack in the door
Day I moved in I was playing' my guitar
Started banging' on the wall with a boot
Then he came out, started banging on my door
Kicked it open

Watch out son, I got a Taser gun
Watch out son, I got a Taser gun
He's on the loose
He's got the juice
Like a mad dog with no teeth

Spent his pension in adult bookstores
Bringing strange young men home
He'd leave me notes in the bathroom
Accusing' me of stealing' his toilet paper
Come out into the hallway
Dressed up in a greasy bathrobe
Trying' to start a fight
He became known as the electric old man
And I still see him with his Taser
Coming' at me

Watch out son, I got a Taser gun
Watch out son, I got a Taser gun
He's on the loose
He's got the juice
Like a pigeon with no wings

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