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I kept the right ones out 
And let the wrong ones in, 
Had an angel of mercy 
To see me through all my sins, 
There were times in my life 
When I was goin' insane 
Tryin' to walk through the pain 

And when I lost my grip 
And I hit the floor, 
Yeah, I thought I could leave 
But couldn't get out the door, 
I was so sick n' tired 
Of livin' a lie 
I was wishing that I would die 

It's amazing 
With the blink of an eye 
You finally see the light, 
It's amazing 
That when the moment arrives 
You know you'll be alright, 
It's amazing 
And I'm saying a prayer 
To the desperate hearts tonight 

That one last shot's 
A permanent vacation
And how high can you fly 
With broken wings, 
Life's a journey - not a destination 
And I just can't tell 
Just what tomorrow brings 

You have to learn to crawl 
Before you learn to walk 
But I just couldn't listen 
To all that righteous talk, 
I was out on the street 
Just tryin' to survive, 
Scratchin' to stay alive 


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