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My Fashion Shocks in London / London

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Do you remember Sting singing that he was an alien in New York? Yup, it’s difficult to feel at home in a foreign country, especially if it’s grey old London. If you want to know how Londoners deal with that constant drizzle and get closer to them, you should find out how they dress. Here are my reflections of London dressing habits.

When we landed at Heathrow we didn’t know what the weather was. It was early March. In Dnipro city we wore puffy jackets, wool beanies and knitted hats. Seeing from our bus window hatless people wearing windcheaters (they weren’t even zipped up!), we found ourselves a tad overdressed. We unbuttoned our coats getting ready to step off the bus onto warm West-End streets. We got off and were chilled to the bone! I am not a hat wearer, but I frantically grabbed my woolen bobble hat and raised the collar. It was so freezing, as if in St.Petersburg in winter!

With perpetual rain-clouds and wind and a distinct lack of sunshine, we couldn’t understand Londoners dressing so lightly. Their kids, attired as for a summer outing, must be very healthy to sit in their strollers, with not much space to move showing strips of flesh and again no hats!

But the real shock came in the chilly night hours when we saw young people sporting just summer tops, flimsy dresses and the most unsuitable sandals! It was not occasional; we came across this weird sight everywhere in this city. Only tourists were wrapped up in warm winter clothes.

As to the Londoners’ appearance. If you heard that Europeans wear dull clothes and no make-up, you will be surprised to know that in London people dress themselves in garish colors and use all beauty products under the sun! Girls usually don heavy eye makeup, use plenty of mascara, eye shadows, rouge and lipstick. Also they extend their eyelashes, nails and hair, tattoo their brows, and definitely augment their breasts. Another popular trend in London is to be tanned. As usually authentic Brits are known for their fair complexion, and due to often cloudy gray skies they don’t have that much sunshine to get tanned naturally, so they visit tanning salons and sun-parlors. British women feel better about themselves with a tan, so they even developed the tan-tone chart with skin colours ranging...

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30 декабря 2011
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