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Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham (2001)

Текст песни с переводом слов Victoria Beckham «Girlfriend» из альбома «Victoria Beckham» (2001).


Phone rings at a quarter to nine
Some crazy girl is on the line
Talking' bout how I better recognize
Found my phone number in his Calvin Klein's, and I'm like
What's that gotta do with me?
Your man is the one who needs questioning
'Cause there ain't nothing that you're gonna achieve
By calling me and giving me the third degree

And if he's your man then tell me
Why was he sweating' me?
All up in the club last night
Telling me I'm the type of girl he likes
But you say you don't believe (don't believe)
He was acting that way
Girl I wish you could have seen
How your man was shaking' me

Let me give you something'
I know that you love him
But you should have saw him last night
You ain't his girlfriend
Anymore than I am
I know you see him
But girl you really should have saw him last night

Hold on, no you didn't say
That I need to back away
I thought you heard when I told you that
It ain't my fault if he wants you back, no
All that's been said to me
It don't really mean a thing
You need to realize that I'm not the one
You should call with an attitude

And if he's your man then tell me (tell me)
Why was he freaking' with me? (freak with me)
All up on the floor last night
Saying things I know you wouldn't like
But you say you don't believe (can't believe)
He was acting that way
Girl I wish you could have seen
How your man was shaking' me

Did you really think your man was down for you?
Did you really think that his love was true?
If you had been loving your man right
He wouldn't have been putting' it on me all night
You weren't his girl last night...

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