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8701 (2001)

Текст песни с переводом слов Usher «U Remind Me» из альбома «8701» (2001).

U Remind Me

Yo I ain't seen you in a minute I got something to tell you Listen
-= Verse 1 =- See the thang about you that caught my eye Is the same thang that makes me change my mind Kind of hard to explain but girl I try You need to sit down this may take awhile See this girl she sort of looks just like you She even smiles just the way you do So innocent she seemed but I was fooled I'm reminded when I look at you
-= Chorus =- You remind me of a girl that I once knew See her face whenever I, I look at you Wouldn't believe all the of the things she put me through This is why I just can't get with you
-= Verse 2 =- Thought that she was the one for me Till I found out she was on her creep She was sexing everyone but me This is why we could never be
-= Chorus =-
-= Bridge =- I know it's so unfair to you But I'm delivering the rest to you (?) Wish I knew how to separate the two You remind me
-= Chorus =- {repeat till end}

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