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Here I stand (2008)

Текст песни с переводом слов Usher «Love In This Club, Part II» из альбома «Here I stand» (2008).

Love In This Club, Part II

(feat. Beyonce and Lil' Wayne)

[Usher (Beyonce) Talking:]
Yea (yea, yea)
Styles I hear you man
This it right here
Queen Bee, yea
I'm the King, ya'll know that
She the queen, came right back
Yea, Yea
Oh! Remix!

[Verse 1: Usher]
Now baby girl there ain't no more
That I can say
You know by now I want it more than anything
If I walk away and just let you leave
You'll be stuck in my head like a melody

I know you want it
But I'm hesitating
You must be crazy
I got a man
And you got a lady

I know we here together
So this must be something special
You can be anywhere you wanted

But you decided to be here with me
No coincidence it was meant to be
Don't be shy, gon' let yo boy get in
So you can tell all yo friends you was on the remix like

In this club
In this club
Ladies can I put this love up on you one time if you ain't scared say what's up!
In this club
In this club
They can keep watchin' I ain't stoppin', baby I don't get up!
In this club
In this club
Ladies can I put this love up on you one time if you ain't scared say what's up!
In this club
In this club
They can keep watchin', baby I don't give up! (In this club)

[Verse 2: Beyonce (Usher)]
Baby you know I'd be down
But we can't have all these people staring standing around
This right here is only for your eyes to see
But you gettin' carried away
Saying we can do it where ever
The way you touchin' me like no other
(I'm gon' make you feel insane)
Tryin' your hardest to make me give in
But I'm a be down to give you what you wanting if you keep it up
I strongly doubt this velvet rope will hold me up
And I don't want security rollin' up on us
I'm not hesitating I just don't wanna rush
You can be anywhere you wanna

[Pre-Chorus: Beyonce]
But you decided to be here with me
No coincidence it was meant to be
I'd mess it if I mess around if I let you get in
You gon' tell all yo friends you was on this remix like...


[Verse 3: Lil' Wayne]
Uh Uhm
Shawty want a thug
It started with a hug
And the rest went like this
I gave her neck a kissy-kiss
She gave my neck a kiss back
I said we can do it like a stack
I'm mean we can do it like a G
On the couch in VIP
Shawty we can get it on
I'm a shoutout to the DJ for playin' this song
Girl we can tag it like two damn fools
Have everybody thinkin' we doin' they dance move
Call me so I can make it juicy for ya
Meet in the bathroom and you can be my secret lover, girl
And it started with a hug
But now we making love in this club
And when I come stylin' just because
The people in the crowd are watching us
But we don't give a damn what they say
This is the-the remix baby!

[Hook: Usher & Beyonce]
Come a little closer
Let daddy put it on ya
Need you to know
What happens here stays here
And I'm ready and willing
Almost good to go
Got you standing at attention
Keep it on the low
Ain't nobody watching
Don't worry they can't see us
I know I got you hot
Now let me in
You in the club or the car
Where ever you are
Run and tell the DJ, run it back on replay

[Chorus x2]

Now run and tell all of your friends you gotta hear this remix like...
[Ad-libs til' Fade Out]

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