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Uriah Heep

Raging Silence (1989)

Текст песни с переводом слов Uriah Heep «Voice On My TV» из альбома «Raging Silence» (1989).

Voice On My TV

It's a familiar voice
Sometimes I wonder
If I have a choice
You give it everything
You're selling God
But am I listening

I hear you've seen the light
Your message comes to me
By satellite
You say I must believe
I say it's just another way
To deceive

If my salvation has anything to do
With your empty promises
And what you think is true
Well here's my donation
If it's all the same to you

I am the voice on your TV
But I am one and I am free
Always to say what I believe
I know you're only
A voice on my TV

The numbers on the screen
Will help me get to heaven
So it would seem
The money flows and flows
And no-one cares enough
To know where it goes

Look at all the millions
That you've taken for a ride
With the warmest words
And the coldest heart inside
And how much longer
Can I listen to your lies

What are all the
Credit card believers gonna say
When they hear about the scandals
And the lovers that you pay
And all about the meetings
In your secret hideaway

I am the voice on your TV
But I am one and I am free
Always to say what I believe
You're just a voice on my TV

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