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Uriah Heep

High And Mighty (1976)

Текст песни с переводом слов Uriah Heep «Name Of The Game» из альбома «High And Mighty» (1976).

Name Of The Game

(4:59)(Hensley)(Out-take, included as a bonus track on remastered cd)
Here comes trouble
In the shape of a lady
She started cool but now
She's coming around daily
She's got some big ideas
About being my baby
It's her game
With the name of love

Now she's sure pretty
That I have to confess
But no five-star fox is
Getting me in a mess
Let's buy a ring, she says
Let's go and get blessed
It's her game and she calls it love

Rock and roll rules my soul
Pushing everything and everyone
To one side
But when all grows old
Chill's still cold
When I sing with my sweet guitar
When I sing with my sweet
My sweet guitar

Don't waste your tears on me
Go cry in the river
What you need I ain't
About to deliver
I'm my own man and
That's how I'm gonna stay
'Cause music is
The name of the game

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