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Uriah Heep

Sea Of Light (1995)

Текст песни с переводом слов Uriah Heep «Logical Progression» из альбома «Sea Of Light» (1995).

Logical Progression

You say her love has gone forever
And something has
Gone from your soul
It's left you so cold
Though you wish
You had the answer
The question is always untold
Always on hold
What's in the mirror
What do you see

It's a logical progression
When you think that
You lost all that time
It's all in your mind
What's in the mirror
What do you see

Lay down now and close your eyes
It's only just begun
'Cause mind and body
Flow in perpetual motion
Set free all your memories
They're tearing you apart
'Cause you know that
Love is the only direction

That reputation that you live by
Says something about what's inside
Nowhere to hide
There is no amount of heartache
That could ever
Wash over this burning
Forever learning
Look in the mirror
Will you do it all again

You got time on your side
You know you'll find
The truth within you
You got time on your side
As the seconds tick away
Love is waiting for you
You got time on your side

You say her love has gone forever
And the image has left you so cold
Still in your soul
There's no way

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