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Walk On Water (1995)

Текст песни с переводом слов UFO «Knock Knock» из альбома «Walk On Water» (1995).

Knock Knock

The tide crashed on the shore
As he held her in his arms
They swore their love would stay forever more
And never slip away
From this moment on
As they made their wedding vows
He knew how life would change, oh
Love was blind for now

Hey, but knock, knock, knock
Put the chain on the door
She's back again and now she wants more
Knock, knock, knock
The thief's back to steal
The shirt off my back, my next meal

I'm not living anymore
I'm just breathing day to day
Everything I had has gone, she has taken it away
Heaven's door has opened and looked me in the eye
And there is no Mt. Olympus, just before you die

Knock, knock, knock
She's got the house and the car
The only thing left is my old guitar
Knock, knock, knock
Her foot's in the door
The shirt's off my back, now she wants more

And tonight on T.V. well they show a happy pair
I almost wept with laughter
As some fool caught the bouquet the bride threw in the air


At the final curtain call, in the neon light display
I see all the ugly scars that illuminate my day
And hail the promised land, it's upped and gone to bed
Bleeding hearts and mothers weeping

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