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Walk On Water (1995)

Текст песни с переводом слов UFO «Dreaming Of Summer» из альбома «Walk On Water» (1995).

Dreaming Of Summer

Woke up on a Manchester morning
No sun up on the sky
Caught the train down to London
So broke I could make you cry
When you get right down to it
There's really nothing in it

I got a copy of the evening paper
If there's a job I will apply
The DHS says it's now or never
This is a case of do or die

When it comes right down to it
I've got to struggle through it

Put the lights way down low
Come closer
Tell me heroes don't fade away, they're forever
Just a little bit of something
Just a little bit of real
Tell me heroes don't fade away, become a memory
So come on darling now
I still need to know
Are we gonna fade away or stay forever

Took a walk down to Soho
I've got T.V. on my mind
It says these days you have it easy
Oh Lord, I must be blind
When it comes right down to it
I can see right on through it

I really love my old lady
Much more grief she can't take
Wish I could take her somewhere fancy
I still need that lucky break

When it comes right down to it
There's really nothing in it

Repeat **

And I'm dreaming of summer
Of just me and you now

But a love with no money
How long will it ring true

One big city smells like another
I get lost in this maze
When I get home should I lie
The bottle's gone I'm in a daze

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