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Tori Amos

Boys For Pele (1996)

Текст песни с переводом слов Tori Amos «Talula» из альбома «Boys For Pele» (1996).


Congratulate, you said you had a double tongue.
Balancing cake an' bread.
Say 'goodbye' to a glitter girl (hee).

Talula, Talula, you don't want to lose her (hee).
She must be worth losing if it is worth something (hee).
Talula, Talula, (Sugar...)
She's brand new now to you (hee). (Sweet love...)
Wrapped in your papoose, (Softly...)
Your little Fig Newton (hee).

Say 'goodbye' ha-na-no, my baby.
Glitter girl, well,
Say 'goodbye' ha-ha-ha, my baby,
To the old world... yeah.

Ran into the henchman that severed Anne Boleyn (hee).
He did it right quickly a merciful man (hee).
She said one plus one is two,
(Maybe I'm a happy man. Maybe I'm a honey dew.)
But Henry said (hee) that it was three.
(Maybe it's a bad job.)
So it was, here I am (hee).
(Maybe it's a what you are.)

Talula, Talula, don't want to lose you (hee).
It must be worth losing if it is worth something (hee).
Talula, Talula, (We are slaves...)
She's brand new now to you (hee). (In here...)
Wrapped in your papoose, (Soft is...)
Your little Fig Newton (hee). (Cheaper...)

And Jamaica... Do you know, do you know what I have done?
Mary M. weavining on, said, "What you want is in the blood, Senators."
Said, what you want is in the blood, Senators... yes.
I got the big bird on the fishing line with a bit of a shout,
A bit of a shout (hee), a bit of a angry snout.
He's my favorite hooker of the whole bunch (hee).
And I know about his only bride, and how the Russians die on the ice (hee).
I got my rape hat on, honey, but I always could accessorize (hee).
And I never cared too much for the money, but I know right now (hee),
Honey, that it's in God's hands, oh, but I don't know who the father is (hee).

Talula, Talula, I don't want to lose you (hee).
It must be worth loosing if it is worth something (hee).
Talula, Talula, (No one's...)
He's brand new to you (hee). (Good girls...)
Wrapped in your pappose, (Travel...)
Your little fig newton (hee). (She will, someday...)
Your little fig newton (hee). (Some where tonight...)

Your little fig newton...

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