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Tori Amos

Scarlet's Walk (2002)

Текст песни с переводом слов Tori Amos «Strange» из альбома «Scarlet's Walk» (2002).


Strange- thought I knew you well.
Thought I had read the sky.
Thought I had read a change in your eyes.
So strange- woke up to a world that I am not a part,
Except when I can play its stranger.

After all, what were you really looking for.
And I wonder 'when will I learn blue isn't red,'
Everybody knows this.
And 'I wonder when will I learn,'
'When will I learn,'
Guess I was in deeper than I thought I was
If I have enough love for the both of us

"Just stay," you say, "we'll build a nest."
So I left my life, tried on your friends,
Tried on your opinions.
So when the bridges froze and you did not come home,
I put our snowflake under a microscope.

After all what was I really looking for.
And I wonder 'when will I learn.'
Maybe my wish knew better than I did.
And I wonder 'when will I learn, when will I learn,'
Guess I was in Deeper than I thought I was,
If I have enough love for the both of us.

So strange- now I'm finally in, the Party has begun.
It's not like I can't feel you still.
But strange- what I will leave behind.
You call me one more time but now I must be leaving.

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