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Sweet 7 (2010)

Текст песни с переводом слов Sugababes «Little miss perfect» из альбома «Sweet 7» (2010).

Little miss perfect

I'm the most responsible girl that I know
Never late, always on time for the show
Ask anyone around me
And they'll tell you just how I am

I try to tell the truth every chance that I get
I never let the work I'm doing get to my head
And when it came to love
I thought I gave it the best I had

But somewhere I missed, somewhere I slipped
Somewhere, there's a couple steps that I skipped
Somehow, I told myself
I didn't need anyone

But look at me now
I was so busy telling everyone
How good life is now that you're gone
Now, it's so hard to be out on my own
So, why do I feel so alone?
How could I get this all wrong?
I guess that 'Little Miss Perfect'
Wasn't that perfect after all

Now everything around me
Feels out of place
Like all four walls are closing in
And there's no escape

Everyday I spent without you
It gets harder to act like I'm okay
If I could take back the things that I said
If I could un-break all that we had
I'd put all the pieces back together again

The world that I know is all crashing down
And it's the biggest shock to me
'Cause I thought I had it all figured out
So, why does my heart feel empty?

I thought it was perfect
But it wasn't so perfect

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