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Mercury falling (1996)

Текст песни с переводом слов Sting «I hung my head» из альбома «Mercury falling» (1996).

I hung my head

Early one morning
with time to kill
I borrowed Jeb's rifle
and sat on the hill
I saw a lone rider
crossing the plain
I drew a bead on him
to practice my aim
my brother's rifle
went off in my hand
the shot rang out
across the land
the horse he kept running
the rider was dead

I hung my head
I hung my head

I set off running
to wake from the dream
my brother's rifle
went into the sheen
I kept on running
into the south lands
and that's where they found me
my head in my hands
the sheriff he asked me
why had i run
then it came to me
just what i dad done
and all for no reason
just one piece of lead

I hung my head
I hung my head

here in the courthouse
the whole town is there
I see the judge
high up in his chair
"explain to the courtroom
what went through your mind
and we'll ask the jury
what verdict they find"
I said "I felt the power
of death over life
I orphaned his children
I widowed his wife
I beg their forgiveness
I wish I was dead'

I hung my head
I hung my head

early one morning
with time to kill
I see the gallows
up on the hill
and out in the distance
a trick of the brain
I see a lone rider
crossing the plain
he's come to fetch me
to see what they done
we'll ride together
til kingdom come
I pray for God's mercy
for soon i'll be dead

I hung my head
I hung my head

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