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Status Quo

Just Supposin (1980)

Текст песни с переводом слов Status Quo «The Wild Ones» из альбома «Just Supposin» (1980).

The Wild Ones

( Lancaster )
Easy riders in the morning sun
Are you coming here to have your fun
Everybody wants to know your game
How could you ever explain
When everybody's given you the name
Of the wild ones

And I can see the road ahead
Winding into the sun
It only feels like yesterday
Remember me, remember me

Easy riders don't you know you're done
Everybody wants to point the gun
No one likes the kind of clothes you wear
Or even the look of your hair
It doesn't matter if you're right or wrong
You're the wild ones

And no one wants to understand
The only way it can be
Living on the wild side
The only way could never be

I remember the summertime
And the riding out into the breeze
And I remember the apple wine
Filling my head up with dreams
If only I could walk away
I'd do it all over again
But riding high on apple wine
It never mixed well in the end
Easy riders are coming
but now there's somebody gone
I'm sitting here all alone
And looking away, just looking away

Easy riders in the morning sun

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