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Status Quo

Rock 'til You Drop (1991)

Текст песни с переводом слов Status Quo «Forty-Five Hundred Times» из альбома «Rock 'til You Drop» (1991).

Forty-Five Hundred Times

( Rossi / Parfitt )
There's nobody on the end of my line
I'm in time but somebody's missing
Maybe I can find a hand for my hand
If I find a well for my wishing
Be my friend, be my friend

It gets lonely on a table for two
Laughing on your own can be no fun
Even people that are talking to you
Remind you that you're really with no-one
Be my friend, be my friend

Take me over like a thing from the past
Lots of people wishing they'd been there
No-one knowing just how long it would last
But I'm sitting still here in my chair
Be my friend, be my friend

Forty-five hundred times I told you how much I care
Forty-five hundred times I told you how much I care
Problems halved are the problems that we can share
White lies in our eyes, together not really there

Forty-five hundred times I told you you can lean on me
Forty-five hundred times I told you you can lean on me
Though it's taken a long time for you to see
Where we're at is the right place for us to be

I sure want to stay here, it sure feels fine
I feel I could be here a long long time
Now that I've made it, I don't want to fade it

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