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Simply Red

Men And Women (1987)

Текст песни с переводом слов Simply Red «Move On Out» из альбома «Men And Women» (1987).

Move On Out

So you tell me you're certain about it
Sure to tell me you're rid of me
How cool can you be
Shrugging your shoulders saying you're rid of me
That's the way it is
So sickly sweet and oh so candy
No matter which way it is
I'll live in the flat the council gave me

You'd better move on out now
Leave town and get on out now

Living with each other only for the sake of it
Living in a shack they said was `handy'
Your good looks blew you out and now you want no part of it
Suffice to tell me you're rid of me
That's the way it is
I'll live in the flat that the housing gave me

Look uh get outa here!
get outa here!

You'd better move on out now
Leave town and get on out now

Poisoned letters from snakes who died to make it
Hung out drying in the cemetery
My personality always is a problem
Always was and always will be

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