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Oral fixation vol.2 (2005)

Текст песни с переводом слов Shakira «Hey you» из альбома «Oral fixation vol.2» (2005).

Hey you

I'd like to be
The kind of dream you'd never share
To be your boss and to be your maid
Your shaving cream, your razor blade
The buttons of your shirt
Your favorite underwear

I'd like to be
The only thing on Earth that makes you cry
The only thing that makes you happy
Soon you will see
That no one else but me can take you this high
And soon you'll make your last name mine

Hey you
Makin' an offer that
No one could ever refuse
Don't play the adamant
Don't be so arrogant
Can't you see I've fallen for ya?

Hey you
Makin' an offer that
No one would dare to refuse
Don't play the adamant
Don't be so arrogant
Let me in
Let me be your muse tonight

I'd like to be
The first white hair upon your head
To be your cherry pie
Your daily bread
I'll cook for free
I'll make your bed
If I can know the things you've thought and never said

I'd like to be the owner of the zipper on your jeans
And that thing that makes you happy
I'd like to be the beginning, the end
And the in-between
And be your slave
And be your Queen...

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