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Sheffie (2000)

Текст песни с переводом слов Scooter «She's the sun» из альбома «Sheffie» (2000).

She's the sun

If I could stop the time to reach for sublime
things getting strange like up and down
if you could read my mind it`s hard to find
I said I want you back but this is no regret
it`s my point of view and I`m going through
so take me away just for one day
I?ve never seen someone like you before
in my dreams I saw you standing there
I?m going out no more since I heard the news
there`s someone else you choose
I can`t believe what they said
that`s why I feel so bad
moring, noon and night
my thoughts run circles without any purpose
I can not stand no more - it`s like a circus
I want to repeat, there`s nothing wrong I`ve done

She`s the sun

If I think of the past life is so fast
those memories keep alive and I will survive
even if I`m here and left without
is there any secret? do you think we`ll keep it?
life`s so strange if you know what I mean
there`s no one I?ve seen before like you
to be honest, I didn`t expect something like this
it`s you I miss now and forever
you and me together
that`s what we thought our life should be
I never could imagine this would happen to me
you feel better now you said it`s what i cannot believe
my thoughts run circles whithout any purpose
I can`t stand no more - it`s like a circus
I want to repeat, there`s nothing wrong I`ve done

She`s the sun

I can`t stand no more
there`s nothing wrong I?ve done

She`s the sun
She`s the sun
She`s the sun
She`s the sun

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