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Sarah Connor

Green eyed soul (2002)

Текст песни с переводом слов Sarah Connor «Let's Get Back To Bed Boy» из альбома «Green eyed soul» (2002).

Let's Get Back To Bed Boy

at up!
It's your boy T.Q. still keepin' it gangsta around the world
With my girl Sarah, brand new diva

Put your hands together
We're comin' on a whole new level

Let's get back to bed, boy (yeah)
Let's get back to bed, boy (give it up)

Verse 1:
Now the time has come that I'm telling
It's definitely you that I'm wanting
Boom, boom, boom I hear you knocking
Everytime you leave I start crying
(don't cry)
Kiss me on the left, kiss me on the right
With you're uh uh, boy, you make me happy all night
Boom, boom, boom my heart's going
All I wanna do is stay in bed with you

Hey yeah, get down cause all you're gonna give
You'll get back from me (you get back to me)
Hey yeah, get down
(we had planned baby)
Let's get back into bed baby

Monday until Sunday we take for the foreplay
Let's get back to bed, boy, (come on)
Let's get back to bed, boy
April 'til November I will kiss you tender
Let's get back to bed, boy (come on)
Let's get back to bed, boy
Morning until evening you should not be leaving
Let's get back to bed, right now
(yeah, ha ha that's right)

Verse 2:
Now you understand how I'm feeling (yeah)
It's definitely love that I'm needing (that's right)
Boom, boom, boom my heart's beating
We better stay in bed (look here)
I know what you can do

You say you wanna go to bed baby
(you shut your mouth)
Well, I'd happily oblige, we'd go for a ride
But now I'm back inside
Droptop benz with hot boys on the side
(that's right)
Pull up to the dough we drove for you
And I Miss Sarah, I wanna wear you like a Gucci sweater
To get you all alone in a tong I'd do whatever
Get me a bottle of Dom, I do it better
Wake up in the morning baby stuck together, baby you and I

Hey yeah, get down (get down)
Cause all you're gonna give you'll get back from me
(you're gettin' back from me)
Hey yeah, get down (no more plan baby)

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