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Rolling Stones

A Bigger Bang (2005)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rolling Stones «Oh No, Not You Again» из альбома «A Bigger Bang» (2005).

Oh No, Not You Again

Here you stand before me
Waiting to be kissed
You're a beauty, such a cutie
How could I resist

It's been a month of Sundays
Since we last had spoke
So much water, you get dollars
I fell out of the boat

Oh no, not you again
Fucking up my life
It was bad the first time
I can't stand it twice

Oh no, not you again
I can't stand your face
Once bitten, twice shy
Get me out of the race

The setting's so romantic
Love is in the air
All is perfect but I'm allergic
To your business stares

You look so cool and tempting
In your couture dress
You're addictive, as predicted
I'm nervous, I confess

Oh no, not you again
Mashing up my life
It was bad the first time, yeah
You had me in a vice

Oh no, not you again
I hear ya and I shout
It was bad the first time around
When you turned me inside out

Everybody's talking
Showing up their wits
The moon is yellow but I'm like jello
Staring down your tits

My mind flashes forward
I feel it flashing back
I still dreaming and I'm screaming
"Get me off the rack!"

Oh no, not you again
I can't stand the pain
I was burned the first time, yeah
I can't deal it again

Oh no, not you again
Messing up my life, yeah
Once bitten, twice shy
But I can't do it twice

Oh no, not you again
Fucking up my life
It was bad first time around
I better take my own advice

Oh no, oh no, oh nooooo!

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