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Rolling Stones

Bridges to Babylon (1997)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rolling Stones «Might As Well Get Juiced» из альбома «Bridges to Babylon» (1997).

Might As Well Get Juiced


If you really want to rip up your mind
If you want to take the lid off your life
If you want to reach down in the sump
To last dregs off the camel's back hump
And the wolves are howling right at your door
And the vultures want to tear off some more
Your flesh is burning right off your bones
Your children kick you out of your home
If you really want to tear up your mind
If you really want to get yourself blind
Might as well get juiced
Might as well get juiced
Hey mama
What's this crazy game of sevens, eights and nines
I can't keep up with you baby
I'm gonna give you such a piece of my mind
When I get around to it
'Cause honey I'm abused
Might as well get juiced
If you really want to melt down your mind
Crank it up to straight double time
If you really want to have you some fun
Spit right down on everyone
If you've got the strength to scream out "Hell Why?"
The wheels of life are passing you by
You might as well get juiced
Might as well get juiced
Some people like to get high on love
Buss it off with alcohol
Give me a little taste of those fumes
I need a little boost
I tell you the sweet things in life
How am I going to survive
I might as well get juiced
I might as well get juiced
I might as well get juiced
A little bit confused

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