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Rolling Stones

Dirty work (1986)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rolling Stones «Hold Back» из альбома «Dirty work» (1986).

Hold Back

- Jagger/Richards

Hear the voice of experience,
a word from the wise.
Grab opportunity, yes, while you're alive.
'Cause if you follow the crowd,
'cause if you act like a coward,
you'll end up yelling out loud.
Hold back.
You'll regret it someday.
Choke on that.
Don't let it pass you by.
Hold back.
You better seize the hour.
If you look in your history book,
if you delve in the past.
Stalin and Roosevelt, yeah, they both took their chances.
And George grasped the nettle.
It's do or dare
from the banks of the Delaware.
Yeah, don't hold back.
Trust your gut reaction.
Be bold, be bold, baby.
Mmm, if you don't take chances, you won't make advances.
Hold back, yeah.
Don't matter if you ain't so good looking,
if you ain't sharp as a blade.
Na, don't be afraid.
Don't hold back.
Life is passing you by.
Choke on that.
Keep on moving, keep on moving, yeah.
Yes, you run with the crowd, yeah.
You will end up in the madhouse shouting those cold walls down.

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