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Rolling Stones

Forty Licks (2002)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rolling Stones «Don't Stop» из альбома «Forty Licks» (2002).

Don't Stop


Well you bit my lip and drew first blood
And warmed my cold, cold heart
And your wrote your name right on my back
Boy your nails were sharp

Don't stop
Honey don't stop
Don't stop
Baby don't stop

Well I love your screams of passion
In the long hot summer night
But you pepper me with poison darts
And twisted in your knife

Don't stop
Honey don't stop
Don't stop
Baby don't stop

Well the only thing I ask of you
Is to hand me back some pride
Don't you dump me on some dusty street
And hang me out to dry

Ah, Don't stop
Honey don't stop
Baby don't stop
Baby don't stop
Ah Honey

I'm losing you
I know your heart is miles away
There's a whisper there where once there was a storm
And all that's left is that image that I'll find a way
And some memories have tattered as they've torn

Don't stop
Don't stop
Baby don't stop
Baby don't stop
Honey Honey (don't stop)
Baby don't stop
Baby don't stop
Come on honey don't stop
Play on baby
Don't stop
Baby baby don't stop
Ah honey don't stop
Don't ya stop

I know I got ya some picture that I filed away
Honey don't stop
Don't you stop

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