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Rod Stewart

Out Of Order (1988)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rod Stewart «When I Was Your Man» из альбома «Out Of Order» (1988).

When I Was Your Man

(R.Stewart/K. Savigar)
I remember just like it was yesterday
A summer's night, a small cafe
We laughed so much, we almost cried
Then I heard you say

I think I'm falling in love with you
I said Yeah, I'm the same way too
I let you in
You danced inside this old heart of mine

I've realized baby
You and I could never be
But I just wanna thank you
for the memories

When I was your man
When I was your man
When I was your man
Everything in my world
seemed good and right

I remember each and every day with you
And every way I made love to you
The way you made each day special
God I miss you so

You made me dance, you made me sing
You showed me what happiness
loving could bring
The way we spent last summer together
Seems so far away

Excuse me baby
If I sound a little blue
The best times ever had
I spent with you

When I was your man
When I was your man
When I was your man
Everything in my world
seemed good and right

I'm trying hard to carry on
But the thought of you still lingers on
The robe you wore
still hangs behind my bedroom door

Your dress rehearsals
And schoolgirl pranks
Your saxophone lessions, your cowboy hats
The way we planned our lives together
seems so far away

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