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Rod Stewart

Body wishes (1995)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rod Stewart «Ready Now» из альбома «Body wishes» (1995).

Ready Now

(Stewart, Stocker)

I gave trust like an innocent kid
I believed everything you said
A parasite that fed on doubt
yeah it's you that I'm talking about
You rode heavy on my fame
then you scandalized my name
You robbed me blind with a ( )
You lacerated your closest friend
I don't know how you sleep at
night with your conscience
Do they still kiss your feet
and is life as sweet in my absence

I'm ready now, ready now for what I gotta give
I'm ready now, ready now for how I want to live

I don't want no sweet revenge
it'll come and get you in the end
Laugh now while the truth's unknown
cause pretty soon it'll be my turn
One of these days and it won't be long
I will find you
Lock up your gates
you'll need all of your snakes
to defend you

I'm ready now, ready now for what I gotta give
I'm ready now, ready now for how I want to live

I'm bitter now, but wait and see
You ain't heard the last of me
I'll dance on your grave
when they finally put you away
What'd I do to deserve all this evil attention
A thousand years will never buy you redemption

Are you ready now, ready now for what you gotta give
Are you ready now, ready now for how you gotta give
Are you ready

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