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Ricky Martin

Life (2005)

Текст песни с переводом слов Ricky Martin «This Is Good» из альбома «Life» (2005).

This Is Good

(feat. Voltio)

You need to fly, you need yo flow, you need to let it all go
You need to fall, but you say : criminal wicket, dirty, sticky don't touch
Surf out of the wave, we are at the age were we don't have to behave
And life is fast or you don't see the clock ticking for me and you

A time to live, a time to love
A time for fun you want to come
Here we go just dance with me, dance with me
Slide you up against the door, tell me
This is good
So what so bad (this is good)
It drives me mad (this is good)
So don't say no (dance with me tonight)
So good to be alive [2x]
She'll take a crash, she'll take a dive and all this will drift with the time
And come to me, I got your falt skin dripping on the tip of my tongue
So close your eyes and kiss my lips if you are as simple as this
We're here tonight and it's so criminal wicked, dirty, sticky let's touch

[Repeat Chorus]

Weeeo, Weeeo, Weeeeeeo....
Come walk with me into the night
Feel me inside your body tonight
Tell me (this is good)
So what so bad (this is good)
It drives me mad (this is good)
So don't say no (dance with me tonight)
So good to be alive [8x]

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