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Rick Springfield

Living In Oz (1983)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rick Springfield «Me & Johnny» из альбома «Living In Oz» (1983).

Me & Johnny

Lookin' back I'd say we broke a few rules
Left one or two hearts in a ruin
Spent all that precious time doin'
Things we figured that Presley might have done

Stole a few cars, never got caught
Started some fights in the scrimmage
We got caught up in the image
Of playing young rebels by the handbook

Looking back I guess we had some attitude
We were gonna be hard and tough

Me & Johnny
We're gonna play tonight
It's gonna be alright
We're gonna shine

Look in the mirror watch our faces change
We were gonna be McCartney clones
We skipped school to see the Rolling Stones
And sang their songs on the train on our way home

We were gonna be like all of them
Uncompromising to the very end
Live for girls, guitars and glory
And someday they'd write our story

Sometimes I think that they clapped in sympathy
But we were gonna be hard and tough

Me & Johnny
We're gonna play tonight
It's gonna be alright
We're gonna have some fun tonight
Me & Johnny
We may get blood on our face
We're gonna have our place
In the sun

Johnny's still living, back in Australia
I hear he's got himself a wife and kids
And I'm still chasing whatever it is
That put me out here on the road in the first place

I think of times, that I cursed out loud
Wishin' I was still runnin' with the same old crowd

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