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Rick Springfield

Living In Oz (1983)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rick Springfield «Living In Oz» из альбома «Living In Oz» (1983).

Living In Oz

Ever since I was a kid
I remember having dreams of grandeur
I was gonna be someone, I know what I want

Everybody played second best
And I held you back just like all the rest
I think I got what I want

Everybody's got to fight their demons
And you know I had to fight mine, too
It took a lot out of me, it took a lot out of you

To be Living In Oz, Living In Oz
Sometimes the dream can wake you
Living In Oz, Living In Oz
Sometimes the dream can shock you, too

All the money that I spend on you
Doesn't mean a thing if the love's not true
Baby please, I'll get what you want

Can't you tell me you and me ain't lost
I know what I did, I know what it cost
Now I'm yours and I've got what you want

All the fightin' will have been for nothin'
If at the end I can't have you
I'll throw it all away if that's what you want me to do

Living In Oz, Living In Oz
Sometimes the dream can wake you
Living In Oz, Living In Oz
Sometimes the dream can shake you, too

Funny how desire can burn you up inside
And make you commit emotional suicide
Everybody's got the desire to leave their mark
Some just do it over a trail of broken hearts

And all the people that protect and serve
Would disappear if the well dried up
I'm thirsty for affection
Let me drink from your loving cup

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