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Rick Springfield

Comic Book Heroes (1974)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rick Springfield «Born Out Of Time» из альбома «Comic Book Heroes» (1974).

Born Out Of Time

";Come on out please let me stay here, I won't make any trouble
What's the idea, you can't stay in here
Come out I tell you
But your dog will bite me
Oh nonsense, Major doesn't bite girls
Come on, hurry up, it happens to be raining out here";

I've seen all your movies, at least 3 or 4 times
And have on my wall, a large picture of you
But you were that pretty young star, so long ago
I'm born out of time with ya
What can I do

Maybe, I'm silly to think we'd have made it
But what I'd had given to at least had a try
Oh take me back with you 1939
'Cause black and white movies are making me cry
And born out of time, we slipped hopelessly by

Sophia Loren, Bridgett Bardo, Jean Harlowe,
Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Deitrich
You're better, you're better than any I'm seeing
Yes, you were a real beauty queen

Oh listen people, has it happened to you yet
The feeling that someone was born out of time
Will you love someone, physically much too young for you
Either way, it's a shame, time was so cruel

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