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Reveal (2001)

Текст песни с переводом слов R.E.M. «The Lifting» из альбома «Reveal» (2001).

The Lifting

Grounded, 5 a.m., the nightlite is comforting
but gravity is holding you.
Once settled into sleep,
you have watched
on repeat the story of your life
across the ceiling
and in review.

You've said the air was singing.
It's calling you, you don't believe.
These things you've never seen.

Good morning, how are you?
The weather's fine,
the sky is blue.
It's perfect for our seminar.

Now close your eyes and start to breathe,
allow the noise to recede,
allow yourself to drift and fly away.
But you just stay.

You've said the air was singing,
it's calling you, you don't believe
these things you've never seen,
never heard.

Did you hear these voices?
Did you hear these voices calling?
Did you hear these voices calling you?

Locked into a conference room,
we're only what our minds assume
and rationale is leaving you.

This conceit these systems of belief
Your counselor agrees
You always mark these boundaries now you're free
and with relief.

You've said the air was singing,
it's calling you, you don't believe
these things you've never seen,
never heard, never dreamed.

You said the air was singing,

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