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Reveal (2001)

Текст песни с переводом слов R.E.M. «Saturn Return» из альбома «Reveal» (2001).

Saturn Return

Easy to poke yourself square in the eye
Harder to like yourself, harder to try
These are espouses
Postcards and neoprene
Roses a dollar a stem
Everyone's sleeping or pulling the long haul and
Keys in the cooler its three A.M.

And Saturn is beckoning no one
It's off on its own
It's offering up

Late shift can bring in store, burn out the lights
Telescope roof towards the northwestern sky
You pulled the ladder and no one's the wiser
You find your sights and discover

Saturn is orbiting nothing
He's off on its own
He's breaking from home

Harder to look yourself square in the eye
Easy to take off

You found the ladder in the pattern of your wrist
You've seen and you've marked horizons
Mother was difficult, she made you cry
Cover the mirror, look to the sky
You climbed into your rocketship trying
Lift up and hold out your hands

Saturn is orbiting nothing
He's off on its own
He's breaking from home

Saturn is orbiting nothing
He's off on its own

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