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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Californication (1999)

Текст песни с переводом слов Red Hot Chili Peppers «Savior» из альбома «Californication» (1999).


Dusting off your savior
You were always my favorite
Always my man All in a hand

To celebrate you is greater
Now that I can Always my man

Now you see what I came for
No one here is to blame for
Misunderstand All in a hand

Just like you cause you made me
All that I am All in a hand

A butterfly that flaps its wings
Affecting almost everything
The more I hear the orchestra
The more I have something to bring
And now I see you in a beautiful
And different light
Hes just a man and any damage done
Will be all right
Call out my name
Call and I came

Dusting off your savior
Forgiving any behavior
Hes just a man All in a hand

Your heros destined to waver
Anyone can Always my man

I would never betray you
Look at me who could raise you
Face in the sand Safe in your hand

You were always my favorite
Always my man All in a hand

We are the red hots and
Were loving up the love me nots
The flowers in your flower pots
Are dancing on the table tops
And now I see you in a beautiful

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