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Rasmus, the

Peep (1996)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rasmus, the «Postman» из альбома «Peep» (1996).


Now we're gonna talk about the postman,
Who brings the paper in the morning,
Who wakes up at the night to make his job right.
With his bike driving all around the city
Delivers papers, oh isn't that pretty.
Seven o'clock paper every, every morning,
Again 'n' again, I think it would be just boring.
About the weather cares he never ever damn.

Like a sunny weather coming by the time
Is dirty water shall be warmer than other local people
And attraction will be generally empty to the mention
Between buildings turning slow...

Now we're gonna talk about Batman,
Who lives in a cave with Robin,
Who wakes up at the night to make his job right.
With his fellow Robin in the city
Catches robbers, oh isn't that pretty.
Number one of the enemies is Joker
Who's in the jail with his friends playing poker.
About men cares he never ever damn.
Say hi, say hello to the Batman.

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