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Rasmus, the

Playboy (1997)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rasmus, the «Blue» из альбома «Playboy» (1997).


Follow me come on you know me
Yeah, into the blue
Follow me come on you know me
Yeah, Into the blue

I'll wake you up when the morning comes
A decent cup of coffee with milk, right?
I'll dress you up and tie up your shoes
I'll wish you luck it's the least I can do
Crawling on never looking back
Won't lose your smile though your life is a mess-up
The pressure's like a knife in your back
What can you do when your world is turning into black?

Grab my hand follow me though I'm sinking
Into the sea where the fish don't ever sleep
I solved my case by the way I've been thinking
My mind is resting in the blue
My mind is resting in the sea

Follow me come on you know me...

I'll pick you up and I'll get you down
To the town if you have any spare time
Relax today, nothing's ruling you
I'll take you out it's the least I can do
Once again oh you turn your back
I wonder why you make yourself to do that
No one can bear living in a trap
What can you do when your world is turning into black?


Have I ever made myself clear?
Well, I'll make myself clear now


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